Wednesday, February 02, 2005

ClockNews #21: Miscellaneous Sleep, Medicine and School-times

Scientists unlock the secrets of sleep

In literature, sleep and dreams are often regarded as the frontiers of human understanding, containing memories of the past and portents of the future.While the true meaning of dreams may long remain hidden, Yale professors from a variety of disciplines are researching what happens to our bodies and our minds while we sleep and dream. Their discoveries are not only enhancing scientific understanding of human development, but are also improving the quality of life for those coping with a variety of medical conditions.

Naturopathic medicine: Sleep is critical for optimal health

Sleep is an essential part of life, but is often pushed aside by the consuming tasks of daily life. If you are too busy to get a full night's sleep, consider that sleep-deprivation, both in the short and long term, can cause serious and adverse health effects.

Insomnia: Drug Makers See 'Huge, Numbers'


MOST of us would love to lead healthier lives - but we often don't have the time or energy to do so. However, it is perfectly possible to live healthily every day without making radical changes to regular habits. Here, an hour-by-hour look at how to do it.

Del-Com drops plan to change school start time

A later start for secondary schools was being considered to take advantage of shifts in when students at various ages function the best, based on research into sleeping/waking patterns, or circadian rhythms, Gookins said in December.

K-6 start times will remain same

The 16-member committee, which met for the last time on Jan. 25, said it based its recommendation on studies on sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, and on input from parents, teachers and medical doctors.


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