Sunday, January 09, 2005

Next Tangled Bank

It is time to send your blog submissions for the next edition of Tangled Bank (the carnival of biologists), to be published on my other blog, Science and Politics ( this Wednesday, January 12th, 2005. Please send them by Tuesday night (actually by 5pm would be great) to host AT tangledbank DOT net, or pzmyers AT pharyngula DOT org, or Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com, containing the words "Tangled Bank" somewhere in the subject line, and a link to your article, along with a sentence or two of descriptive summary.

If you have written recently, or intend to write until January 11th, something - anything - that has to do with Life, natural history, medicine or any other area of biology, let me know. You saw a cool creature last night? Write about it. History or philosophy of biology? Great. Science education? Fine. Conservation biology, pet nutrition, medical diagnosis of ailments of fictional characters? All fits here.

Go to to check out the rules. Also, go and read the previous issues - there is some waaaaay cool writing there.


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