Wednesday, July 27, 2005

JBR on Human Rhythms

When I started out ten years ago it was possible to follow the literature of the entire field of chronobiology. Since then the field has grown so big it is difficult to find time to read all the papers even in one's own narrow specialty!

Thus, I love it when a journal publishes one of those "special issues" as that is a great way to quickly catch up with parts of the field one does not work in.

Journal of Biological Rhythms, the best journal in the field, has just come out with an issue devoted to Human Circadian Rhythms: Regulation and Impact. It contains nine long in-depth reviews on various aspects of human chronobiology.

As my readers tend to be more interested in human clocks than in the stuff I am interested in (clock evolution), I feel it is my obligation to read those reviews and to summarize them here. I intend to do so over the next several days, so check this space every now and then...


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