Tuesday, January 11, 2005

ClockNews #3

Clock genes a wake-up for fertility

South Australian scientists had found mice lacking a gene
that regulated body rhythms were "profoundly infertile", said the chief
researcher, Associate Professor David Kennaway of the University of Adelaide. If
applied to humans, the results may explain previously puzzling
In an article in the journal
Human Reproduction Update, Professor Kennaway reviewed recent evidence for the role of circadian, or daily, rhythms in reproduction. He wrote that further
research into the behaviour of clock genes and their interaction with the
environment could unlock fertility secrets, including why only some embyros grew
in the laboratory.

It could be that the absence of rhythms normally present
in the fallopian tubes caused some embryos to die, he

To your health

Scientists have long known that more heart attacks occur at
midmorning than any other time of day, and while they are not sure why this
happens, new research shows that the human ''body clock'' influences heartbeat
patterns, which become more erratic between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Study: Overtime's value often negligible

A study performed by Lexington, Mass.-based research firm
Circadian Technologies Inc. shows that companies that work their employees
outside of the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and allow their workers to work
excessive overtime suffer financial consequences due to lower productivity,
increased turnover, absenteeism, health problems and safety issues.
not designed for night shifts or long extended hours," Alex Kerin, senior
consultant at Circadian Technologies, one of the study's authors said. "All of
our major biological functions follow a 24-hour schedule. When you start to ask
people to work at other times we begin to destruct our biological

Take this with a big grain of salt:

Tharos launches sleep supplement with fruit-derived antioxidant

Tharos Laboratories has developed a natural sleep supplement
which claims to aid restful sleep through all its phases and promote alertness
during the daytime.

Again, some lightweight self-help advice you can easily ignore:

Shape Up: the DIET Clinic

Stress is almost certainly the factor that's causing your
natural rhythms (circadian rhythms) to be out of sync, making you hungry at the
wrong times, so try relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and taking a
warm bath before bed.

A different kind of time measurement:

New Calendar Creation Conundrum

It was easy to count, but it didn’t take into account things
like orbital mechanics, circadian cycles, school schedules, and other
mundanities like that.


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