Monday, January 17, 2005

ClockNews #8: SAD and NES

Sometimes it’s hard to beat the winter blues

By the time most people leave work during the winter months,
it’s already dark outside. They trudge home for supper and somehow, it’s hard to
find the energy to do anything besides watch TV or go to bed. Before long, they
can find themselves overeating and feeling a sadness they just can’t shake.
For some, this can be attribute to a mild form of "winter blues." But for
many others, it’s a sign of something more serious, called Seasonal Affective

Binge-eating: midnight raiders,,8126-1441124,00.html

THE evening meal is over, the dishwasher stacked, and yet
often there’s that irresistible urge for a small snack as you put your feet up
in front of the television.
But around one million people in the UK with
night eating syndrome (NES) do not stop at a snack. They go on to consume a
third or more of an entire day’s calories — mainly carbohydrates — all over
again. Driven by hunger pains, they often continue to raid the refrigerator
throughout the night.


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