Thursday, January 13, 2005

ClockNews #5: Docs will kill you, so will obesity, so will alpinism in Antarctica

Drowsy doctors dangerous on the road, study says
They're in training to save lives, but medical interns
sometimes threaten them: Lack of sleep from very long hospital shifts can make
young doctors behind the wheel as dangerous as drunks, researchers found.
Doctors in training were more than twice as likely to get in a car crash
while driving home after working 24 hours or longer, compared with when they
worked shorter shifts, according to a study by Harvard Medical School

You didn't think of this as an alpinism hazard:

24 hours of constant light also affected them, because they
didn't sleep more than 4 hours a day and they had a bad circadian cycle, "we
lost the notion of time, we were like automats, we ate when we were hungry and
slept when we were tired, after a few days in this situation exhaustion began to
be present".

Obesity and Lack of Sleep

Obese and overweight people may be getting less sleep than
normal-weight individuals, a new study suggests.


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