Saturday, January 22, 2005

ClockNews#13: Lunesta

About a new sleeping pill, Lunesta:

Possible Help for Troubled Sleepers

Now, there's a drug on the market that can help you get some
shut-eye and not just for a while, but indefinitely.

Wow! I can immediatelly think of many drugs that can put you to sleep indefinitely. How about cyanide? Botulinum? You fall asleep and never wake up for sure! Sorry, just joking at inept writing. Lunesta is supposed to be safe for life-long use. Be cautious about any and every drug, though....

A personal story of an insomniac:
Abnormal sleeping patterns formed at birth

People are supposed to get older and grow out of wanting to
stay up until all hours of the night, and stop worrying that something
spectacular will happen during the wee hours of the night. I must have missed
that part of growing up.


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