Sunday, April 02, 2006


I have updated the Categories today. They are up-to-date and the links appear to work, though I am toying with the idea of re-organizing them a little bit, perhaps adding a new category "Clocks and Society" to include political, cultural, educational and pseudoscientific aspects of chronobiology.

Update: I have played around with the categories some more. You will find two new categories there:

'Clock Zoo' contains posts that summarize what we know about clocks in particular organisms or groups of organisms.

'Mis-Clock-Ceptions' contains posts that deal with societal aspectes of clocks and sleep, the misperceptions and misunderstandings, as well as psuedoscientific and anti-scientific screeds related to sleep and clocks.

"Cutting Edge Research" has been renamed - "Timely Research", containing posts that review fresh new findings in the literature.

Finally, "Clock Tutorial" has been re-organized. Instead of a chronological listing of posts, it is now organized into topics and sub-topics. This should make it easier for people (especially students and instructors) to find the most relevant posts.

Again, if you are an expert in this field, I'd be glad to have you guest-post here. Write a post about the area of research you know best or about the clocks in your favourite organims and send it to me.


Blogger Dan Dright said...

Nice reorganization! Thanks. I love to come here (so i put a link to you on my site). Keep up the good work!

9:59 PM  

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