Friday, June 02, 2006

Take your iPod to bed

Interesting idea, via Sleep Disorders blog: a pre-recorded morning talk-show puts you to sleep because it is a distraction from Real Life worries that may otherwise keep you awake at night, yet no need to worry that you'll miss something interesting.

I need to try me some Diane Rehm show. With her slow, monotonous manner of talking, I bet she would put me to sleep in five seconds. It almost puts me to sleep while I'm driving!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Along the same lines, listening to audiobooks helps me (very insomniac) a lot. I listen to the same few books over and over to fall asleep, because the point really is just the not-very-engaging talking.

Unfortunately, it drives my sweetie nuts. Until I can figure out how to fall asleep with headphones, we're at loggerheads.

3:12 PM  

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